When we got to work today, we learned that our CEO’s sister-in-law was fatally shot by her estranged husband with their two children and her mother in the house. This seems to happen so often and I continue to struggle with why so many people are so selfish. I cannot fathom what would bring a person to kill another person; much less to do it to a loved one in front of loved ones. It has happened in my family as well and I cannot claim to understand the logic no matter the circumstances. You can always choose to walk away.

Hopefully this will make the family even stronger during this difficult time. A loss of a loved one never gets easier. I recently lost my father after a very long battle with cancer. He was such a fighter and my mother was his angel. I helped her to write a blog, Papa Harold’s Journey, to keep his followers updated while he was going through treatment. I honestly think it was therapy for me and helped me to better understand what both of them were going through. I hope that at some point she takes the time to write a book to help others who are going through cancer.

I am just so happy and blessed every day that I have a happy and healthy family, that me and my siblings are so close, I have a mother who I consider a friend and mentor and I also have so many great memories of my dad. I don’t know what tomorrow brings or even the day after that but I know there is so much life to live. Hearing my son dance to the Black Eyed Peas, watching my daughter create pieces of art and seeing the passion my husband has for life is what drives me to be the best that I can be.