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Best Laid Plans… | Taking the Leap and Learning As I Go

It is Easter weekend and I have so much to be thankful for! I am a bit behind but did get the chance to buy a couple of cool things for the kiddos at the Borders closing event. Peyton, aka My Little Scientist, will have a new science kit as well as a few other new fun things for Easter while my destructive little man, Cody, will get some new books. He is my little book worm! Still no Easter candy so that is a trip later in the day.

Saturday morning while Peyton was in art class, I ran to Lowes and picked up a new rug for downstairs and, of course, a few new flowers and some vegetables to add to my garden…I can’t wait for summer!!!! I have so many plans for canning this year. Maybe one day I can aspire to be as good as my sister at the whole canning thing but I am still working on baby steps! The abundance of rain helped to get everything planted quickly which is always a good thing.

And my helpful husband picked up some more dirt, rubber mulch and other items that I still needed (working on getting those elements integrated!) I did take a moment to pull a few of those nasty weeds that never seem to go away no matter how hard you try and thoroughly enjoy the flowers around the pond…I just love this time of year (did I already mention that?)!

I also bought my Easter ham and slow cooked it on Saturday while I was doing all of my errands.  It was quite yummy along the creamed corn, deviled eggs, and cheesy potatoes all made from scratch. I hoped to cook a few recipes from my new favorite cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl but ran out of time…oh well! I picked this cookbook up a few weeks ago unaware that it was written by a fellow Okie. I can’t wait to cook all of the recipes in it…the one that I have already made was out of this world!

We spent today (Easter) with Ryan’s family. First was an early lunch with grandpa at our house followed by a party at Aunt Pam and grandma Selina’s house. Most everyone was there and I know the kids really enjoyed seeing everyone (as did Ryan and me). Although we accomplished a lot this weekend, I still have so many things to do…repaint the kids bathroom, finish my cleaning assignment in the garage, have a garage sale and the list keeps going.

But for now, I am in wind down mode from learning my new job (5 CDs of Oracle PeopleSoft training in a span of 4 days including today…whew!!!) and plan on spending the next hour with my guilty pleasure of Army Wives.

Happy Easter to all!!!