I got the idea of creating jewelry hangers from Pinterest and held on to it for a while until I was out shopping with a friend one day and she was looking for a new jewelry hanger for her necklaces. We looked around and she really didn't find what she wanted so I told her about an idea I had seen and thought it could be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to organize her necklaces. She agreed and our next crafting adventure began a few days later. I finally made one for my daughter to hang all of her owl necklaces on...not sure if she has quite enough of them!

This may be one of the quickest DIY crafts to do that is functional and keeps your necklaces and other jewelry organized, accessible and untangled for when you need to grab it and go! It is so easy, in fact, that I only took one photo since the process takes only minutes to make.


  • wooden hanger(s)
  • 5 to 10 cup hooks per hanger
  • drill and small bit


Step 1: Start by screwing the first cup hook directly in the middle of the hanger. There should already be a small hole started.

Step 2: Using your drill, make a small hole an inch to an inch and a half from the edge of both ends. Make sure that your hole is angled so that your cup hooks will hang straight. If you drill with the angle of the hanger, they will all hang at an angle...this comes from first hand knowledge (even these are just a bit crooked, but I was watching The Bachelor, what can I say!!!)

Step 3: Continue drilling holes equal distance from one another until you have the number desired.

Step 4: Screw in all of your cup hooks into the holes.

And, viola, you now have a quick, easy way to store your necklaces and other jewelry. Make several jewelry hangers and coordinate them by silver, gold, etc.