Affiliations & Community



I also am proud to be a supporter and volunteer at Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, a non-profit arts organization that honors and promotes filmmakers and the films they create which inspire, educate and engage. Heartland hosts the annual Heartland Film Festival, an annual 10-day celebration of film is the place where Heartland honors independent filmmakers and helps promote the movies they make.

They also honor studio-released films with the Truly Moving Picture Award (TMPA). The TMPA is an honor bestowed on 15-20 films each year that impact audiences in a meaningful way and offer more than mere entertainment. If you believe in the power film can have, consider making a donation to Heartland Truly Moving Pictures by clicking here.



Middlewest Film Institute exists to foster a growing community of creative and influential filmmakers who are committed to maximizing their impact as artists in the world. Our mission is to provide a collaborative and educational environment for filmmakers to ignite their passion for thoughtful, intentional and creative storytelling. We are currently working with the Indy Film Fest to develop and manage the film seminars and workshops throughout the 10-day festival. For more information, visit us on Facebook or check out the Indy Film Fest for the schedule of events.